Friday, 5 August 2011

An Introduction of Sorts, Part 4

In the final installment of my introduction I'd like to move away from programming. There's no question that Programming is a big part of my life. I am currently working on my Vocab Builder project and it will take me a long time to complete, if ever. I also like computers in general. I like to game. I'm adept at many office programs (both free and propriety). I follow developments in software patents, something I'm fairly against. Patents, I mean, not following the news about them. I use Linux extensively and believe in Free and Open Source Software. Not to be confused with the now nebulous Open Source Software which gets paraded around these days like a wolf in sheeps' clothing. I'm no granola crunching, long haired, smelly hippy mind you. I also support proprietary software; everything has its place. But, on to other things!

First and foremost, I'm a proud father of two young girls. Most days I love being a dad. It is an incredible experience. Most days. I won't lie to you though. It's not all roses and sunshine. Some times it's not fun being a parent. Heck, there are a lot of days like that! Thankfully, though, the good outweighs the bad. There are so many things people never tell you about being a parent and in many ways that does everyone a disservice. Everyone is led to believe that, while parenting isn't easy, it's not hard either. They don't ever give you the full picture. Mind you, if they did, you might make yourself a eunuch or use some other form of irreversible birth control!

I work as a credit manager for a small-medium distribution company. I enjoy working with numbers and finances so the job works well for me. I can support my family and do something I don't hate. Most of the people I work with are fantastic people too. Nutty, like me.To quote J.K. Rowling, we're, "Nuttier than squirrel pooh." What more could you ask for? Well, less of a commute but I'm just being picky now, aren't I?

My lovely wife is a stay-at-home mom. About two years ago, while on maternity leave with my first daughter, she decided to start a hobby making children's shirts. Well, not making the shirts but buying blank shirts and putting a design on them. Mostly they're clever sayings. I came up with the clever ones. No really! The hobby has now changed into a business called Geekling Designs. My wife, Jennifer, and I run the business jointly, discussing new ideas for designs, the company's direction, the acquisition of equipment and regular day-to-day business decisions. Sometimes I'm amazed at how little we fight. I mean, we all have disagreements. Or, should I say, I'm always right and she sometimes, incorrectly, disagrees with me. It's not easy though, having a full time job, two young children and a business to run. I'm just thankful, each and every day, that I'm not where my wife is sitting. At home all day with two young children both under 4 and trying to run a business at the same time? No thanks! It's time to go to work! See ya, hun!

We also have two pets. A cat and a Pug. Pug owners understand why I didn't call our Pug a dog. They're not dogs. They're smelly, snuffly, loud, barrels with legs with so much personality it just oozes out of them. Literally some times. It's ever so fun cleaning eye goop out of their nose fold/wrinkle. She's getting too fat too, from lack of exercise, so we need to get her running about more. Just that the heat makes her wheezy and she chokes on her own tongue. Lovely. The cat, on the other hand, is equally a pain but we love her. If she feels like she's not getting enough attention she likes to bunt your cup containing scalding hot tea as you bring it to your lips. Or sit on your CRT monitor with her back to you and dangle her tail in front of the screen. When that doesn't work, she'll casually stretch out over the monitor and dangle a front and back leg over the screen and try and bring in the tail for some extra added interference. If it's the LCD screen, she just sits in front of it and stares at you.

All in all, the zoo in which I live is incredibly entertaining and fun. I may complain from time to time but make no mistake: I love each and every one of them.They're all a part of me. Who I am and who I'll become. I hope that nothing ever happens to take them away from me as I'll certainly be the lesser for it.

And that, as they say, is that!

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