Thursday 5 June 2014

Calc 2 is Coming Along Nicely

If you haven't been following github, then you might be wondering what's happening with the next series of articles. Then again, maybe you aren't. Who am I to know?

Calc 2 is ripening nicely! The compiler is essentially finished and I'm now into re-factoring and bug fixing. I've actually had a lot of fun writing it and I am looking forward to showing it off.

I expect to fork Calc 2 off the master branch within the next week or two, signaling that the compiler is reasonably stable. That's the dream, anyway.

The articles themselves are coming along nicely. I'm a bit concerned about the length and am trying to figure out where I can trim some fat. This second series is already three articles longer than the first one and a couple of the posts are quite long. Hopefully, I can hold everyone's attention that long!

Here I thought that adding only four new features to the language would be short!

Eleven of the thirteen articles are fully drafted and the majority of them have gone through several editing passes, already. I don't expect the last two articles to take too long to finish so, outside of some personal life obstructions, I might even have everything complete by months end!

Don't hold me to that though. My spare time is more limited than ever so any number of things could push that date out.