Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Quick Interlude

I have vowed to be a more prolific writer this year. Indeed, I have been but not that anyone reading this blog would be able to tell!

I am currently in the midst of writing a multi-part series of articles on writing compilers. I can't really say how complete this work is because I'm honestly not sure how long it will take. I have gone back and refined what I've done so far and would say I have the first four posts in good shape. Those four posts barely crack the surface of the drafts being worked on and I have some attending code to write for the articles, too.

Regardless, good progress is being made!

I also have a much shorter series in the works on memory. In them, I talk about stack and heap memory and how they're used in Go. The ultimate purpose is to help new programmers understand how the garbage collector works and how they could possibly improve their own code to maximize efficiency.

There are a few other pieces in the works in varying degrees of completeness. It's likely I'll release one or more of them sooner rather than later since they're much smaller works.

Thanks for reading and all the shares and likes you guys have given over the years!